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Co-Branding Opportunities

Like the idea of the Comedy Pass but you’d prefer to make money on the pass?  We are 100% ok with co-branding the pass with your club.  Your club makes 65% of the revenue from a Branded Comedy Pass, your members receive the benefit of a nationwide network of Comedy Experiences, and we make 35% of the revenue generated from your pass.

Your Revenue from a Co-Branded Comedy Pass:

100 Members 1000 Members 5000 Members
Monthly Pass
$539 $53,94 $26,970
Annual Pass
$5940 $59,400 $297,000

*This is ONLY the Annual Pass Revenue.  Pass holders tend to use their pass at least once per month and have reported that prior to having a pass, they attended shows an average of 1.5 times per year.  For venues with a 2 beverage minimum, this translates into additional revenue as well.  For non-food or beverage venues, this translates into additional steady revenue.

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Get more customers with fewer ads

Our site will put your club in front of a national audience. From tourists to locals, you will acquire more audience members with less $$ spent on advertising.

We’ll work with what you have

Every Comedy Pass holder is required to make a reservation. We can send those to you via email, fax, or text. You just tell us how you’d like those reservations.

The Price is Right

It is free to sign up as a venue. We would ask that you accept our pass in lieu of tickets for each pass member and one guest. If you would like to offer VIP seating, or early seating, or a talkback after the performance, that is completely up to you. Just let us know.

Or if you'd prefer to ask questions over the phone...

If you’d prefer to ask questions over the phone, the best way to do that is to reach out to us on Facebook Messenger and shoot us a phone number to call you back on.  If it’s during the day, we will call you back immediately.  If it’s at night, we will call you back the next morning.  Make sure to tell us you are interested in partnering with us as a Venue.


We're not around right now, please shoot us an email. For Faster service, you can also contact us on Facebook Messenger


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